Newport Shores
Port Washington, WI


Newport Shores is a celebration of Port Washington, its marina and creates a year-round destination for residents. Designed by world-class architects Rinka Chung, it improves the pedestrian walkway along the lake to realize the city's vision for a cohesive public connection from Coal Dock Park. 

Highlights of Newport Shores include: 

  • Supporting our partner, John Weinrich, and his vision to enhance access to the lake & provide an authentic Wisconsin supper club
  • Providing ample above-ground and underground parking
  • Reinvestment in a new & improved pavilion and fish-cleaning station
  • A restaurant, rooftop pub and public event space to create new, year-round experiences for the residents of Port Washington
  • A new public gathering space and pavilion at the existing breakwater on the lake
  • Significant improvement to public recreation and entertainment

The economics of the project directly benefit Port Washington. Local and regional partners will build and operate Newport Shores. It will be a destination development, creating opportunity for area businesses and restaurants. There will be 22 new residences that will add to the viability of local business and the downtown Port Washington experience. A conservative estimate of added tax value is $10 million, which could add $186,000 annual revenue to Ozaukee County, with the City of Port Washington gaining $62,000 annual revenue 

 The Lakefront

Port Washington’s harbor and lakefront are the crown jewel of the town. With its picturesque views of Lake Michigan and busy marina, it's an amenity and attraction that truly sets Port Washington apart. Wisconsin’s coastline has a rich maritime heritage that includes unique industries in ship building, fishing, and other specialties made possible by their location on the lake.

The Newport Shores site bridges a unique position in town between the water and the land. Given the special character and location, we view the site as belonging more to the lakefront and marina than to the town and its street grid. This led the design team to draw inspiration more from the beautiful features along the lakefront— its boat-filled harbor, the lighthouses, and the strong maritime aura of this special district. This is a marquee site on the shoreline—one belonging more to the lake than to the land.

 Design Inspiration

The building’s design concept draws from familiar maritime themes. The lighthouse, surrounded by water with its simple white form complementing the blue sky and lake. A finely crafted boat, classic white, with rich wood accents that line the places its crew touches. The water itself, with its shifting hues and patterns that make it an ever changing vista.

These inspirations translate into a shoreline architecture that captures these special qualities. Simple white forms. Crafted wood accents in just the right places. Glass that simultaneously allows vistas and reflects the ever changing sea and sky. This site deserves a marquee building that strongly relates to Port Washington’s harbor and the specific qualities that make it unique.

 Newport Shores Restaurant: Ambiance & Atmosphere

Our objectives:

1. Fits The Current Newport Shores Owner's Vision For the Property

2. Updated & Re-Envisioned Destination, Maintaining Supper Club Feel & Key Personnel

3. Restaurant & Pub To Celebrate Local Port Washington Heritage

4. Connected Corner Retail Space To Honor & Sell Local Products